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Ypsilanti Auto Rates
Insurance News Network. Michigan Insurance Information. Ypsilanti Auto Rates. These are annual auto insurance premiums for four representative...
http://www.insure.com/states/mi/auto/yps.html - size 6K - 5 Jan 96

A Visit From Ypsilanti
A Visit From Ypsilanti. After Dave moved to Ypsilanti, I never expected to see him again. "Ypsilanti? That's right out on the Fringes! If Zagreb is your...
http://www.terranet.ab.ca/~aaron/teebee/alphabet.html - size 6K - 7 Mar 96

Ypsilanti's Name
How Ypsilanti Got Its Name. On the west side of the water tower there is a statue of a Greek hero. His name is Demetrius Ypsilanti. In 1822 Judge Woodward.
http://www.microstore.com/ardis/YpsiName.html - size 823 bytes - 29 Mar 96

Downtown Ypsilanti
Downtown Ypsilanti and Historical Museum. The picture shows what Ypsilanti looked like many years ago. Ypsilanti is a small city. Downtown Ypsilanti is...
http://www.microstore.com/ardis/YpsiDowntown.html - size 2K - 29 Mar 96

Ypsilanti Schools
Early School Life in Ypsilanti. The first Ypsilanti school was built by William Harwood in the 1830s. This building was located behind Woodruff School on..
http://www.microstore.com/ardis/YpsiSchools.html - size 3K - 13 Mar 96

The Inns of Ypsilanti, MI
Bed and Breakfast Inns in. Ypsilanti, MI. Cricket House Bed & Breakfast. 1200 Washtenaw Rd Ypsilanti, MI (313) 484-1387. Parrish House Inn. 103 S Huron St.
http://www.go-native.com/Minnesota/MN.Afton.html - size 614 bytes - 8 Jun 96

St. John the Baptist, Ypsilanti
News, Announcements and Events... St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. 410 Cross St., Ypsilanti, MI 48197 -- (313)483-3360. Worship Schedule: Weekend...
http://www.rc.net/lansing/st_johns/events.html - size 633 bytes - 17 Feb 96

Ypsilanti Home and Renters Insurance
Insurance News Network. Ypsilanti Home and Renters Insurance Rates. The Michigan Insurance Bureau's 1993 Buyers Guide to Home and Renters Insurance in...
http://www.insure.com/states/mi/home/ypsilanti.html - size 11K - 5 Jan 96

Suburban Pontiac/GMC/Buick/Cadillac/Honda of Ypsilanti, Michigan
Welcome to. HOME OF THE SUBURBAN COMMITMENT TO QUALITY. 15 East Michigan Avenue - Ypsilanti, Michigan 313-483-0322. See the Pontiac line. See the GMC line.
http://www.suburban-gm.com/ - size 3K - 30 May 96

Cueter Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep/Eagle of Ypsilanti, Michigan
Welcome to. 2448 Washtenaw Road - Ypsilanti, Michigan 313-434-2424. See the Chrysler line. See the Plymouth line. See the Jeep line. See the Eagle line....
http://www.cueterchrysler.com/ - size 2K - 30 May 96

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