Class of "1973" Ypsilanti High School

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The next meeting of the Reunion Committee will be at:
Thursday, March 28th, at 6pm. We will meet at the Tap Room


Next meeting has been set for April 9th, 2014 at
Aubrey's 6:30pm @ 2122 Whittaker Rd Ypsilanti Township, MI 48197
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 ~ 6p.m. ~ The Tap Room
Present: Mike Compton, Jim Baker, Susan Patterson Metler, Barbara Fry Webster
Elected Jim Baker to chair, with the help of Barbara Webster. Barbara Fry Webster to remain as Treasurer.

Talked about different places we could hold event. Susan to check out Bona Sera (lower level) and possibly the Freight House in Depot Town. Jim will look into the old Players at the Eagle Crest Marriott. Barbara suggested the Tap Room. This will be discussed at the next meeting and decided on.

Mike, Jim and Barbara are going to look for any information about the data base and the last reunion.

There was discussion about the various methods of reaching out to our classmates at little or no cost. Susan had quite a few suggestions and will send that list to Mike for further exploration. Of course, our YHS73 website will always be available and updated.

Next meeting has been set for Thursday, March 28th, at 6pm. We will meet at the Tap Room.
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to throw this out there - we need to have a meeting. I have picked Wednesday, March 13th, at 6pm for a meeting. The place will be The Tap Room in downtown Ypsilanti.

We need to have elections for a chairperson and the Treasurer. We need to determine the location and date. We need to figure out other small details in order to determine a price. I have done some pre-m...eeting legwork on a few things, but the committee needs to decide or discuss what they want to do.

We need some new blood - so if you know of someone who might be interested, has more time as they may be retired, or just wants to be involved, let them know. Because it was mentioned on the YHS73 facebook page about weekend meetings, I chose Saturday, March 30th, for the first weekend meeting. This can also be at the Tap Room. It can be earlier in the day - which might be good so we can talk and not have a large public crowd to talk over. I have been told it is a very busy place on the weekends. :-)

Mike is going to do something on our website about posting the meeting and keeping things updated for anyone who may visit the website to see what is going on.

Again, because we have very little time to pull this off - the simpler the better. And the more people that can help and participate, the easier it will be on everyone.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again! And if you can't make this meeting, don't despair - there will be more.

Barbara Webster

Present: Chris Cline, Jim Baker, Randy Dickerman

Kathy Vigne sent in an email report regarding possible use of the old H.S. Cafeteria (if we go informal).. Maximum capacity is 55. This is probably not an option.

Royal reported in a previous the site in Belleville is currently undergoing renovation. She will provide info when that site is back in operation.
emailed regrets for her absence at this meeting, and did offer her services in designing future mailings for the class.

asked if the Aubry's site would be "Sticks", and if so, would be similar to the informal reunion that worked out well at the old Mainstreet restaurant.
The Eagle's Crest Golf Course Banquet room would also work out well for an informal event. I believe Deb will be checking on that, as soon as the decision is made on the 35th being formal or informal.
Chris checked into Washtenaw Country Club. No member or off-peak discounts are offered. Would be ~ 45 to 50 per person, not including the room rental (negotiable.. probably depends on total number of people). Some dates are already gone, such as August being slim due to a mens invitation golf outing.

The survey count is currently: 14 Informal 3 Formal 4 No preference
Most of the committee has not cast their votes. Please do so to this email address.

It was decided that the decision will not be made until at least the beginning of July. 2 more surveys will be sent out, 1 in May and 1 in June to anyone that did not answer the first. The email that the committee received was revised to reduce confusion. The survey question was moved to the beginning of the email.

The second iteration of the survey will not be sent out until the "Update Address" section of the website has been revised, first replacing the 2003 with 2008 and fixing the email button (several have mentioned getting error messages when trying to update).

Baker will join
R. Dickerman will review the Excel file in conjunction with the Master book from the 2003 reunion, and updates received from the 1st survey, revised as necessary and provide the file to Baker who has volunteered to start contacting classmates by phone to check for updates, and get their vote on the formal/ informal question.

It was reported that "Braves" items from the spirit store may be had cheap as YHS moves toward a "less desirable" nickname (Nothing can hold a candle to ours!).

No further meetings have been scheduled at this time. Will communicate by email regarding updates to the class vote.

Randy Dickerman

First E-mail Letter sent out

Committee Members, the below is the letter being sent out to all classmates which we have email addresses. Please react to this email as if you were (and you are) a classmate... in other words, please update your profile on the web, and supply your preference as to formal or informal.
I have just sent out a "Test" email to 20 other classmates. 8 were undeliverable. I will keep a running list of invalid email addresses. I'm sure there are a large % that are still active, but have an abundance of cobweb the.
The email:

To: YHS 1973 Alumni
Reference: Upcoming 35th Year Class Reunion in 2008.
Hello to all our classmates. The reunion committee would like to remind all of you to visit our website at
While there, if your contact information has changed since the 2003, or your last contact with us, please take this opportunity to update your information. Please note, for your security and privacy, you (or others) cannot view online information previously supplied, so the best practice is to just re-enter it.
The 2003 reunion committee had discussed the possibility of alternating formal and informal reunions. The formal reunions would be on the decade (40, 50, 60…), and the informal would be on the “5’s (35, 45,55..).
Please respond to this proposal so that we may better plan what our classmates :

            Yes I Would like to alternate Formal and Informal Reunions.
            No, I prefer to always have formal reunions.
Regards from the YHS73 2008 Reunion Committee,
“Braves Forever”


We talked about a photographer and the endless possibilities and options we had.  There was talk of using an amateur photographer and having disposable cameras on the tables for candid shots.

We created a schedule for the different deadlines and the consecutive meetings.

February 7th:  We will be sending out a mass e-mail to all classmates that we have an e-mail address for.  This is to inform and get updates.

February 15th:  We will be having a meeting at Cris Cline's home at 10:00 a.m.  This will be a breakfast meeting and Mike volunteered to be our Donutperson.  (Thanks Mike!)  The rest of us can bring juice, milk, fruit, etc.  Cris will have a pot of coffee on for those who need that jolt!  This will also be the first cutoff date for e-mail addresses and updates to snail mail.

March 1st:  This is the last date before Mike makes up the labels for the first mailing by snail mail. 

March 8th:  We will be meeting at Crystal's home this day - 10:00 a.m.  We will be working on the postcards - labeling and stamping to put them in the mail.

April 15th:  This will be the cutoff date for the updates before mailing out the invitations. 

April 19th:  We will be working on stuffing envelopes with the invitations, stamping and getting them ready for the mail.  Location to be determined.

May 15th:  This is the cutoff date for the $55.00 per person.  All envelopes need to be postmarked by this date in order to be accepted at this price.

May 16th - Reunion:  The price will go up to $65.00 per person as of this date - through them showing up at the door. 

May 22nd:  This is a scheduled meeting night.  The time and location to be determined.

June 14th:  This will be a scheduled meeting.  Time and location to be determined.

June 26th:  This is a scheduled meeting.  Time and location to be determined.

July 1st:  Final count to hotel.

August 8th/9th:  Party time!  Our hard work has paid off.

If you know of anyone who would like to be a part of the committee, please let them know our schedule.  If you have anything that you want put on the agenda, please e-mail Barb at  If you have any updates to the roster, please make sure to e-mail Mike at

Committee e-mail addresses are as follows:
Mike -
Jim Baker -
Crystal -
Mimi -
Cris -
Cynthia -
Barb -
Cheryl (Reid) Parsons  -