Alexander Marvin G. --6/21/2013

August 15, 2008 -- Hello, from Lusaka, Zambia. I am visiting my wife's family in

Zambia, and will

not be back in the States until September. Marvin

Anderson Anderson Kim --6/3/2013


Baggett Megonnnell Kay --5/31/2013

Caudill Carroll --6/3/2013

Crawford (McGregor) Cynthia O. --5/31/2013

Cyrus David A. --5/31/2013

September 1, 2008 --

Unlike most of you I still work for a living

Sold my software company on the advice of my brilliant heart surgeon

retired for aboy 3 years but all I got for it was gaining 150 lbs

Deaton (Khoury) Sharon --6/3/2013

Foley (Gilbert) Rebecca --6/3/2013

1998 - I just moved back to MI after spending 5 years in Arkansas. I’m married

to William Gilbert he went to Willow Run try not to hold that against him I have

one daughter Nikki that is 10. I work part-time at Nationwide Insurance in A2.
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