Danielson (Carchio) Wynne 8/3/1997

Darmofall (Roberts) Mary

Davis (Thopmson) Jean 8/8/2000

Davis Frederick 5/8/2003


2003 - Married for 20 years. Wife & I both retired from the

Military and have worked 4 years toward our 2nd career. We have

3 Children ages 18, 16 and 7. Oldest attend the University of

Texas Arlington. We made Texas our home after retiring from the


Davis Richard 5/19/1988

Deaton (Khoury) Sharon 6/3/2013


Deck Dennis

Delaperriere Cyril 3/12/1993

Dickerman Randy 6/20/2007


Dixon (Williams) Cathi 3/26/2013


1998 - I am really looking forward to our reunion. I lost my

husband suddenly 14 months ago from a heart attack and now I

am busy working (for the State of Michigan - 21 years) and raising

a very active six year old son (soccer, t-ball, etc.)

Dogan Linda 5/8/2003

Dotson Danny 8/22/1988

Downey David 8/11/1997

Drury (Kaiser) Donna 10/13/2007


Duckworth Dennis 5/8/2003

Duckworth Richard 5/8/2003

Dudley (Hilobuk) Sheila 5/8/2003
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