Hain Dudley --5/8/2003

Hall Gary --2/14/2003

Hall James D. --8/15/1997

Hall Patricia --6/15/2008


2008 -- I really enjoyed myself in 2003...Look forward to this


Hammonds John --

Hanrahan Michael --7/18/2008


2003 - Married 23yrs 3 Daughters one graduated with honors

valadictorian (my Genes not my brains) One next yr.2004 and one

2007 Church active Childrens Minisry Director wife is a teacher

for Christian Academy 25 yrs at G.M. Hopeing I finally grow up

next year @ my 50th

2008 - Old email is still active and checked.

All my children are now graduated. Oldest 4yrs Bible College

(Indianna Bible

College)Now attending WashtenawCC middler is 3yrs @ WCC

transfering to Eastern

this sem. My baby married in Feb 08 and am still angry. Still

married 28 yrs.

still working @ GM (30 yrs.)When kids leave I leave.Still active

in Childrens

Ministry. Did not grow up @ 50 still hopeing at 60.I've heard 60

is the new 40.

Hanson (Engel) Deborah --6/13/2013


2013-Have been in Las Vegas 12 years, but will be moving back

to Michigan in July and looking forward to the reunion in August.

2007 - A Big Thank you to the Committee for keeping up the

good work. Wish I could be there to help. Looking forward to

seeing everyone at the next reunion.

2003 - Moved to Las Vegas in 2000,my husband, Ken and I are

working in the school system here. It is in need of some help.

Enjoying our mild winters here, but missing our friends and

family in Michigan. Thank you Mike for the Great web site!!!

Hargrave Pamela --5/8/2003
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