Lacombe Marcia 5/24/1993

Laferier Joe 4/30/2006

Lambert Brady 3/25/2013

2003 - Hi All,

I've been pretty busy:

Been through two marriages

Have two children from my second marriage, Grant 9, Tonia 7

Built and sold an information technology consulting business

Am in the mortgage financing business now

Stay in touch with Kessler, who married my older brother's wife's

sister (????)

Talked to Kessler about sharing a room at the '03 reunion - hope

to make it, and look forward to seeing all of you again!

Drop me a line, or contact me on Yahoo messenger: ID:


Have a great day :) Brady

Lamiman Craig 6/15/2008

2003 - Currently working at DTE Energy in Ann Arbor, living in

Bloomfield Hills for the past six years. Prior to returning to

Michigan I was in Connecticut and New York for 17 years. Feel

free to contact me by phone(voicemail) or e-mail.

Lane Smith Teresa 8/16/2008

Lanning Karen 5/8/2003

Lawrence John 10/13/2007

Leath Cassandra 5/8/2003

Lewis (Thomas) Sena 2/10/2003

Maes Craig 6/18/2007

Maggon Feakins Carol 8/3/1997

Maier Dennie
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