Papineau Robert

Parker Daniel 2/26/2003

Parks (Goss) Leslie 2/26/2003

Patterson (Metler) Susan 3/27/2013

2008 -- Living is Ypsilanti with my husband & high school sweet

heart Paul

Metler, we will be married for 33 years in Nov. 2008. We have


grown children, two son's & two daughter's. One grandson who

we can't

get enough of. Will be attending the 2008 reunion along with


(Crawford) McGregor, who has been my friend since grade school


Prospect school now Adams.

Patterson Thomas R. 5/8/2003

Pavlovich John 7/11/2008

Payne (Berger) Alice 8/10/2008

2008 - Sorry I haven't updated my info until now. I was thinking

it should be time for our 35th reunion. Glad it's next weekend.

I'm retired from the Army, but continue to support our military

working for the Defense Logistics Agency in Battle Creek -

husband, too. Look forward to seeing everyone again.

Perry Richard 5/8/2003

Petraska Patrick 2/4/2003

Phetteplace (Piskor) Debbie 5/8/2003

1998 - My husband, John & I have been married for three years

with no kids.

Pickinpaugh Debra 5/8/2003

Pontello (Gliha) Jean 8/3/1997
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