Other neat places to go on the web

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My Friends On the Web

NASCAR ONLINE! Now we're cookin'!
Jim Brain's Commodore web site (a top 5% of all the web site)
Craig Bruce's Home page (extensive files to reference).
The homepage for this ISP (Isthmus corp.)
Tom Warnell's online Gallery. This is cool.
My photographer friend Bruce Byers's site.
Andrew Bernhardt's site on the web (he write DTJ BBS software)
Tim Phelp's homepage
The magazine that I write for has a homepage!



Way cool sites

Living in Ann Arbor, The online version of Current magazine.

Firefly.com Check this one out!
It's Click and Clack!
The National Broadcasting Company
The Columbia Broadcasting Company
The 20th Century Fox site
Turner broadcasting
INTELLIcast! If you liked my weather section, wait'll you see this!
Enter the world of the Knowzone.
The Red Green Show homepage
The Sci-Fi channel homepage
World Wide Quilting Page
Oriental Rug Encyclopedia
Crayola Crayon site
Visit Dr. Science (He's smarter than you)
The why AOL sucks website
And when you get done laughing and calling your friends to tell them about this, you can goto:

The AOL homepage
International Business Machines

Web and Internet site locators

New Riders' Internet Yellow Pages
You Always Have Other Options (YAHOO)
Lycos Web Locator service

Other interesting local Web sites

The official site for the Cross Street Station in Ypsilanti
Mary Darntons web page.
Amy Marinos web page.
The Huron Valley Community Network
The Ardis elementary school has a website! Check this one out for sure. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Government / informational sites

Mississippi State University Cooperative Extension Service
University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service
The Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)
The National Park Service
IRS help and downloadable forms
The Federal Government Web locator
Run a small business? Try the SBA!